Ristal University is a private nonprofit online academic institution in South Sudan established to provide quality and affordable higher education. Ristal Institute is the precursor for Ristal University, both academic institutions owned by Ristal Initiative-A national NGO registered in South Sudan.

Ristal University is in the process of getting registered with the national ministry of higher education, science, and technology. At the moment, the ministry intends to form a committee that will set the guidelines for the registration and regulation of Online Universities in the country.  In the meantime, Ristal University offers its academic programs in collaboration with other accredited Universities. 


Our vision is to become a globally recognized academic institution that uses technological innovations to create an engaging learning environment for students.


Our mission is to contribute to capacity building of the workforce through provision of affordable higher education, innovation and research in order to improve the healthcare and well-being of communities in South Sudan and beyond

Core values

Ethics - conduct teaching and business in a manner that shows responsibility, respect and dignity 

Quality - Provide knowledge and skills using latest technologies to ensure quality education  

Collaboration - Work with national, regional and international partners to enhance the exchange of expertise

Integrity - conduct activities in honest and fair manner


Offer an engaging learning environment using technology

Provide clear learning objectives to enable students master the subject matter

Provide clear assessment methods to promote motivation

Conduct and disseminate research findings to improve the quality of living