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About Ristal University

Ristal University is a private non-profit online educational platform in South Sudan. It is managed by Ristal Initiative which is a national nongovernmental organization (NGO) registered in South Sudan. The aim of Ristal Initiative is to create Real Impact on Societies Through Advanced Learning-RISTAL.


A globally recognized University that uses technological innovations to create an engaging learning environment for students.


Our mission is to contribute to capacity building of the workforce through provision of affordable higher education, innovation and research in order to improve healthcare and the well-being of communities.

Guiding principles

  • Ethics-Conduct teaching and business in a manner that shows responsibility, respect and dignity.   

  • Quality-Provide knowledge and skills through the use of latest technologies to ensure quality education   

  • Collaboration-Work with national, regional and international partners to enhance the exchange of expertise.   

  • Integrity-Conduct activities in accountable, honest and fair manner.


  • To empower academics in the adoption of E-learning technologies

  • To provide quality and affordable higher education

  • Conduct and disseminate research findings

  • To encourage innovative thinking among students

  • To develop market-oriented graduates

  • To improve the psychomotor, affective and cognitive skills of the in-service professionals


Gudele 1 opposite Queen’s Pharmacy,

Juba-South Sudan



Cell: +211924562907

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